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Pacific Industrial Salt – Make It Your First Choice For Industrial Needs

Dominion Salt is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and produces premium salt products for use in a variety of industries.

Dominion Salt is a Single Product Manufacturer, we only make Sodium Chloride this eliminates opportunities for the risk of cross contamination, our Pacific Industrial Salt range offers a wide choice of products, all with a range of features and benefits.

Coarse salt is used by the fishing industry to make brine. Water treatment facilities use salt to treat town supply water. Industrial Salt also plays a vital role in the chemical industry. Sodium chloride is a key component in the production of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), soda ash (used in glass and soap), caustic soda (used in paper, textiles, petroleum, rubber reclaiming, dyes and soaps), sodium chromate (tanning, pigments and dyes) and sodium sulphate (for use in glass paper and dyeing).

We ensure our products are always manufactured to published specifications. Grain sizes have been formulated to a variety of applications and uses.

industrial saltThe Many Uses Of Industrial Salt

Pacific Industrial Salt has a range of uses and applications across a variety of businesses and industries, these include:

      • Water Treatment
      • Freezing Point depletion
      • Skins and Hides industry
      • Fertilizer applications
      • Animal health (animal feeds and supplements)
      • Various chemical and industrial applications
      • Fishing industry
      • Food ingredients
      • De-icing

Pacific Salt products are manufactured and supplied by Dominion Salt, leading salt manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of salt products

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Pacific Industrial Salt……Make It Your First Choice For Industrial Needs