Dominion Salt - Caring For Our Environment

Committed To Resource Management & Minimal Environmental Impact


Environment & Sustainability

Dominion Salt is committed to resource management and minimising the impact on our environment wherever possible. Our production is based on efficiency and utilisation of natural resources to lower operating costs and preserve our natural resources for future generations.

At Mt Maunganui, New Zealand, we operate our own power plant and use rainwater and condensate for brine making.

Solar Salt

Around 70% of Dominion Salt’s sales are made to customers accepting solar salt. This salt is the product of sun and wind and as such, uses very low energy content from coal, electricity or natural gas. This salt uses approximately 5% of the added energy used to produce evaporated Pure Dried Vacuum salt.

Pure Dried Vacuum Salt

For those customers requiring a more pure form of salt Dominion Salt operates a five effect evaporator which has recently been modified to improve the recovery of waste heat and improve the overall energy process.

Energy conservation and generation

Dominion Salt is also committed to reducing its reliance on electricity supply from the national grid.   At Mount Maunganui, energy is recovered from evaporated steam supply in our electrical co-generation system. High pressure steam from our natural gas fired boiler passes through a turbo-alternator which produces electricity to run the plant.

Back pressure steam from the turbine then passes into our five effect evaporator plant to boil the brine to recrystallize the salt. The condensate (water) that is boiled off is then used to dissolve more solar salt on our stockpile to produce more saturated brine, which is sent back to the evaporator after purification.

In the South Island, we are currently in the process of establishing our own wind farm at Lake Grassmere. Steps are well under way to installing the first wind turbine.

Dominion Salt – Committted To Caring for Our Environment