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Pacific Industrial Salt Grades

Pacific Industrial Salt offers a wide range of products and salt grades for various uses and applications. View our industrial salt specifications or contact us for further information on any of our products

The Many Uses Of Industrial Salt

Pacific Industrial Salt has a range of uses and applications across a variety of businesses and industries, these include:

  • Water Treatment
  • Freezing Point depletion
  • Skins and Hides industry
  • Fertilizer applications
  • Animal health (animal feeds and supplements)
  • Various chemical and industrial applications
  • Fishing industry
  • Food ingredients
  • De-icing

Pacific Pure Dried Vacuum Salt (PDV Salt)

Pure Dried Vacuum Salt is a high purity, very clean salt that is frequently used in food manufacturing and production along with a range of other applications where a pure, fine food grade salt is required. Dominion Salt manufactures and supplies Pacific Pure Dried Vacuum Salt to a range of industries where a high quality Pure Dried Vacuum Salt is required.

Industries that regularly use our product ranges are those involved with the manufacturing and production of cheese, butter, preserved meats, canned foods and in flavoured salts for coating potato crisps and snack foods.

Pacific Salt’s range of products have been developed specifically for use within the food industry and as a trusted salt supplier to the food manufacturing industry, our products are made to stock and are readily available at short notice.

We are NZFSA certified, you can view our full range of certifications in the technical info area of the site navigation.

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