Summit Sulphur Block 20kg

Summit Sulphur Block 20kgSulphur should be offered to ruminants (cattle, sheep and goats) on a free-choice basis when the diet is known to be low in sulphur content and animals are sulphur deficient

The Sulphur Block has been designed for animals to assist with detoxifying Prussic Acid which is present in Sorghum; a group of plant species which under certain conditions can produce cyanide.    Sorghum includes pasture, hay, and silage used for animal feed & forage. Hungry animals may consume forage too rapidly which can cause Prussic Acid toxicity or poisoning .   As Sulphur is known to detoxify Prussic Acid, offering the Sulphur block (a combination of salt and sulphur) to animals when feeding, can help reduce the risk of poisoning.   Additional to this, Sulphur is essential for rumen health and the formation of amino acids – the building blocks of protein.  Sulphur is also a key nutrient for wool growth.

The Sulphur Block is suitable for Dairy, Beef, Sheep and Goats.


Summit Sulphur Block 20kg


Summit Sulphur Block 20kgDose Rates: make salt blocks freely available as required

  • 1 block per 10 Cattle
  • 1 block per 50 Sheep or Goats

Features and Benefits

  • Sulphur helps detoxify prussic acid found in forage sorghum
  • Sulphur stimulates bacteria and fungi to assist the breakdown of fibre in the rumen
  • Sulphur is essential for rumen health and the formation of amino acids – the building blocks of protein
  • Sulphur is a keen nutrient for wool growth
  • Sulphur is required for the development of protein, cartilage, bones and tendons


  • For animal treatment only.
  • Make sure animals have access to fresh water when feeding salt.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose rates.

Sodium and Production

Salt is lost in milk, urine, faeces, sweat and saliva. And it is not insignificant – a cow milking 20 litres/day can lose the equivalent of 35g of salt in the milk each day. Pasture can be low in sodium and bulk feeds are often deficient. The benefits of sodium supplementation have been demonstrated in NZ and overseas.

Animals have a strong appetite for salt but individual salt needs will vary. Factors influencing needs include:

  • Sodium and chloride levels in the pasture
  • Sodium and chloride levels in the water
  • The production cycle – growth, reproduction and lactation will increase requirements
  • Temperature/humidity – sweating will increase sodium requirements
  • Potassium levels in the diet – animals will try to balance high potassium feeds with additional salt to maintain fluid balance
  • Low sodium levels in bulk feeds


All salt is soluble. Summit Salt Block formulations improve water shedding. Trials prove Summit Salt Blocks last nearly 4 times longer than rock salt and require twice as much rainfall before being broken down when exposed to weather elements.

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